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How it Works

Boomerangz – Interchangeable and Replaceable Flip Flop range – How it works

Our patented range of interchangeable footwear have special boomerang shaped plugs that allow the bases and straps to become interchangeable and also helps to minimize the dreaded ‘blow out’ (when your plug snaps off and leaves you walking around in 1 flip-flop) – check out this video to see how it works.

Change your straps and base combination yourself, as often as you like in less than 30 seconds, no tools, no fuss!

Having the ability to customize your flip flops in 30 seconds means you will always have the right look for any occasion. Mix and match colors to suit your outfit or your favorite sporting team or charity. Take a few different colored straps when you go on holidays and it won’t take up room in your luggage.

It is affordable fashion that can be updated at a low cost each season. 5 base colors and 5 strap colors extends the range to 25 different color combinations.