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Here at Boomerangz Footwear we have developed a unique range of Summer footwear. We have given this footwear icon a stylish overhaul, focusing on ‘No More Blow-outs’ and ‘Interchangeable Bases & Straps’

You will find that there are many types of ‘flip flops’ on the market, yet the only difference in the majority of this product is that the brand name has been carelessly slapped on and already existing standard product. This is known as a ‘me too’ product; when a company or brand want a share in that particular market but really have nothing special to offer the customer.

We are not a company that simply produce ‘me too’ flip flops… We are the footwear experts that have produced the ‘next evolution in flip flops’.


Imagine you are back-packing around Europe in the Summer with your best buddies. You’re having a sweeeet time! The much-awaited plan for the day is to go to one of the iconic German Beer Halls. As you approach the entrance, you are pumped! Full of excitement… And then BAM!!! Meters from the entrance, you are the victim of the dreaded “blow-out”. (When wearing flip flops and the circular strap plug snaps off and you embarrassingly trip over yourself and look like a massive idiot even though you haven’t had any beers and are totally sober!!!).

You are denied entry to the Beer Hall as you now don’t have the appropriate footwear! This young man went on to become one of the founders of “Boomerangz”, We developed a way to minimize the common ‘blow out’ in your flip flops, sandals, jandals (or if you’re an Aussie) “thongs”… whatever you want to call them!

If the strap pulls out of the base, our patented boomerang shaped plugs have been designed to pull through, instead of snapping off. Allowing you to easily slide the plug back through the base at a certain angle. If one of the plugs does happen to snap off, the straps can easily be replaced. This also allows the straps and bases to become interchangeable. So you can design your own color combinations and mix and match your strap colors whenever you like, in less than 30 seconds!



Change your straps and base combination yourself, as often as you like in less than 30 seconds, no tools, no fuss!


We launched our new interchangeable range through crowd funding site Basically, for a product such as ours, it is like pre-ordering; if people don’t want your product – they won’t order it – simple as that! We thought it would be a great way to test the viability of our product and genuinely test the market by finding out if people wanted to make a purchase.

We managed to sell $10,000 worth of product in the FIRST HOUR, $15,000 a few DAYS later, $25,000 after just one WEEK and finished the campaign with just under $50,000 in sales!

During this short period of time we also managed to gain world-wide media exposure with several news articles published, including Australia’s largest financial publication – ‘The Financial Review’ and we also appeared on the front page of the ‘Gold Coast Bulletin’.

Some of the media logos are shown below which includes international coverage from popular US website – (the article was shared over 1.6 thousand times), The Daily Mail UK, Yahoo Finance and plenty of business and fashion news and magazines as well as national radio stations such as Nova and Triple M.



06 campaign collage landscape


Workplace Safety and Conditions Audits are conducted by BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) as a means of promoting workplace conditions in accordance with human rights, ILO conventions and national labor law.

The product is made without any nasty additives such as Azo-dye colours and all products are lead free.

The intellectual property of our ‘No Blow-out’ & ‘Interchangeable’ concept has been granted a patent, due to the innovative nature of the design.